The Truth about Individual Men and Solid Women

The Truth about Individual Men and Solid Women

Strong lady finding good men
Are you a smart, independent, individual woman who will be dating right after 40 as well as having a nightmare of a time frame finding very good men up to now? Are you noticed that you think you can find just not good men available who can handle your strength and heads? I hope an individual mind the saying that: you are w-r-o-n-g.

As a internet dating and partnership coach — and a female who was a beginning bride from 47 – I’m quite aware of anything you tell themselves:

Men can’t handle smart, powerful ladies.

The only males left at this young age are man-boys, jerks and players.

I’m not letting go my independence for some guy who’s about to tell me how to live my life.

If this individual doesn’t show up, that’s okay. I’m ok alone.

Properly, I have. Just read was my mantras for years.

My partner and i hung up on them nice and tight right up until I realized that they were misguided beliefs. The truth seemed to be out there ordinary as morning but , grow older do because of so many beliefs complaints, I merely refused to select the contrary information. (I believed this to become true and that i hate becoming wrong! )

One of those misconceptions is that your personal fierce self-sufficiency and currently being set in your personal ways keeps you from locating love.

Let me share a few of what I learned that cleared the way for the grownup adore story.

Just before I got married in 2006…

No one explained how to believe or feel.

Compromise ended up being something I rarely did.

I failed to owe any person anything, therefore no one is the boss involving me.

My spouse and i made all my own options.

I was productive and charted my own way.

I come up with lifestyle I need to including clinging and travelling with the girlfriends, buying what I wished and proceeding where (and when) I desired.

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